Designing peptides can be easy!

Virtual phage display technology

We copied a beautiful biological process and removed its limitations. Imagine what would happen if one could make thousands of phage display rounds using not 20 but 500 different amino acids? And now imagine it all happens within minutes…

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Latest Work

Input data

Published cancer molecular target. Best known inhibitor KD 5 nM.


459 different amino acids. Initial peptides length 4 amino acids.
28 independent Virtual Phage Display experiments.


In all VPD experiments KD < 1 nM was reached in less than 10 minutes.
Best candidate has KD = 40 pM

Customization options

New amino acids (including D-amino acids).
Parallel ADME optimization.
Cost optimization.

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Virtual Phage Display

We just need structure of your protein and preferred binding location. Typical experiment can be set up within hours and initial results delivered within 2 days.

Custom methods

We can adjust experiment to your preferences. Cyclic peptides? Longer peptides? We usually say YES.

Friendly support

Would you like to know if method is suitable for your project? We will certainly answer all your questions.