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Bridging the ‘undruggable target’ gap with VPDesigner42™

Trying to address targets that are too complex for small molecules, yet not accessible for biologics? Peptides may be the solution, but until now there were no efficient computational (in silico) methods available on the market for peptide drug discovery, leaving researchers with an 'undruggable target' gap.

  • Missing piece between small molecules and biologics

    Peptides are larger than typical small molecules and can interact with larger surface of target molecule includng targets without typical binding pockets.

VPDesigner42™ is the first computer algorithm for designing peptide drug candidates from scratch and with unmatchable speed. We want to finally bring the full power of computational methods into this field of research. VPDesigner42™ can shorten the drug discovery phase from several months to just a few days. Our approach allows us to explore enormous chemical space at once (500+ amino acids > 10 20 molecules).

  • Reduced enviromental impact

    Synthesis of only selected molecules in mg scale allows over 1000x reduction of materials consumption and waste production compared to standard methods.

We are the first company that has managed to successfully implement a high-throughput, purely computational method instead of experimental methods to design a binding peptides.

  • Fast 'go' / 'no go' decision

    We provide initial feedback of expected results within few days. You will know if unnatural peptides will work for your target.

Successful projects

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We offer a complete unnatural peptide discovery services

Computational Peptide Design

Our proprietary VPDesigner42™ technology allows designing large peptides using unlimited chemical space.

Peptide Synthesis

All designed molecules are synthesized in-house using in-stock building blocks.

Affinity Measurements

To confirm our in silico predictions we validate molecules' affinities' experimentally.

Complete package

We only need to know your molecular target of interest. We can manage all the rest.


We are looking for partners interested in diversifying their drug pipelines by introducing a novel class of molecules to their portfolio.


Get to know our Workflow

We offer comprehensive hit discovery services with flexible approach to projects

What are your needs?

The key aspect of each project is Your expectations. We try to align them with our technology as much as possible so that you receive the results you need as quickly as possible.

  • Molecular target and desired binding location choice
  • Source of protein structura data
  • Expected physical properties (like cLogP) and selectivity
  • Choice of building blocks from our library
  • Practical aspects like a target protein source

Our flexible approach allows modular project definition, where a whole diverse family of hits can be provided after initial confirmed hit generation.

No time to lose

As soon as we know Your target we run initial calculations using our default library and experimental or AI-generated protein 3D structure. Within hours we get the initial results and we can estimate the difficulty and feasibility of Your project.

  • Identification of key amino acids
  • The first estimate of the best molecule size and modifications
  • In silico validation of existing control molecules

We immediately start synthesizing the most promising candidates, so that as soon as the target protein arrives we can at once start testing our molecules.

Peptide synthesis

We synthesize all designed molecules in-house. It is faster and we optimized coupling conditions for most of the unusual amino acids to prevent aggregation and side reactions.

  • Low mg scale sufficient for all validation experiments
  • Microwave-assisted synthesis for speed and higher purity
  • LC-MS verified molecules with >95% purity

We synthesize the molecules almost as fast as we design them so we maintain a constant stream of new candidates for binding experiments.

Kd/IC50 ka kd measurements

We use Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) as a workhorse to validate the binding of designed molecules and estimate binding kinetics, but we also have experience with using the following techniques:

  • Surface Plasmon Resonance
  • MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST)
  • Fluorescence Anisotropy
  • Protein Binding/Activity Assays

We can confirm predicted binding strength with a range of complementary methods to give you confidence in our hit molecules' potential.

Hit within few days

We provide ready molecules purified in semi-preparative scale (approx. 5-10 mg) so that you could confirm their properties.

  • HPLC purity confirmation
  • MS spectra
  • Information about purification conditions

If necessary larger batch synthesis and purification can be performed.

We hope it is just the beginning

We understand we have to gain your trust and the easiest way toward this goal is to surprise you with spectacular results. Our platform can help your drug discovery projects in many ways.

  • Reduce the time of your hit generation projects
  • Explore ‘undruggable target’ space
  • Reduce the environmental impact of drug discovery


Check our Pipeline

We constantly work on internal projects focused on different aspects of cancer

Cancer Cell Signaling

PioLigOn 01 (active Ras transport)
hit to lead
PioLigOn 06 (Ras signalling)
hit generated

Cancer Metabolism

PioLigOn 03 (Lactate dehydrogenase)
hit to lead
PioLigOn 04 (Undisclosed target)
hit generated


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